amandapear's Journal

Amanda Pear
3 August 1982
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Good evening! (I don't care what the clock says. It's evening.) I'm Amanda, otherwise known as Miss Pear. I'm 31 and live in Essex. I change my hair colour far too often, though the theme is usually purple. I have sight problems, dyspraxia, diabetes, mobility problems and anxiety/depression/mania/general bleurgh, but try not to let it affect what I do, which is usually going to comedy recordings with sawnoffcourtney, my best friend ever and partner in crime (not that we commit crimes together; that's just a ghastly and unacceptable phrase I like to use). I adore comedy, designing and making clothes (whether sewing, knitting or crocheting), the Tube, West Ham, television history, web tinkering and outrageous makeup. I am a kinkster with strong Domme tendencies. I'm much more shy and awkward in reality than I come across online, but make me feel at ease and I will hopefully reward you with good company. I am, as you have no doubt gathered, an overzealous user of parentheses.
abandoned railway stations, acrylic nails, armstrong and miller, asperger's syndrome, benedict cumberbatch, bill bailey, bisexuality, black books, bleak expectations, boots (the footwear), british comedy, cabin pressure, cashback sites, cats, ceefax, comedy, count duckula, crochet, david dixon, david mitchell, diabetes, diy, dressmaking, drop the dead donkey, dylan moran, dyspraxia, ed byrne, eddie izzard, end of part one, eurovision, family guy, father ted, fist of fun, friday/saturday night armistice, fry & laurie, geek pride, genderblending, going to tv/radio recordings, graphic design, hair dye, icon making, illamasqua, james dean bradfield, jewellery-making, john finnemore, josie lawrence, judd trump, just a minute, kenny everett, kevin eldon, knitting, kytv, lee & herring, lee mack, london, london underground, manic street preachers, mark selby, matthew stevens, men in makeup, michael holt, milton jones, mitchell and webb, monty python, morecambe & wise, motown, nail varnish, neil pearson, nirvana, old television continuity, old television logos, olivia colman, on the hour, pearfaces, pet shop boys, peter baynham, photoshop, pound shops, preventing brainwrongs, punt & dennis, purple hair, qpr, rab c. nesbitt, radio 4, radio active, radio theatre, red dwarf, retro telly, riverside studios, rob brydon, rob newman, robert webb, roger allam, ronnie o'sullivan, sapiosexuality, sean lock, sewing, shepherds bush, simon jones, singing, snooker, south park, spitting image, stephanie cole, stephen fry, steve "mavis" davis, still game, thames television, the day today, the goodies, the mary whitehouse experience, the simpsons, the unbelievable truth, the young ones, threads, tiswas, tmwrnj, tony hancock, tony slattery, transvestism, tube maps, tv continuity, upton park, victor lewis-smith, victoria wood, visually impaired, walking into things, walthamstow market, web design, west ham united, west london, wilty, wliia